A. Stewart Campbell, PhD

Dr. Campbell joined Axial Therapeutics in 2017 and was appointed the company’s Chief Executive Officer in February 2021. Dr. Campbell has played a fundamental role in the company’s growth and strategy over the last 46 years. He brings nearly 30 years of experience leading and building teams that have strong track records of discovering and developing novel therapeutics for the patients who need them. Prior to joining Axial, Dr. Campbell held various leadership roles at biopharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing companies, including Corden Pharma, Surface Logix and Insmed Inc. At Corden Pharma, Dr. Campbell served as Head of Product Management and Business Development for Carbohydrates and Lipids and as Head of Operations for Corden Pharma’s Woburn, MA manufacturing site. Prior to Corden Pharma, Dr. Campbell served as Vice President of R&D at Ancora Pharmaceuticals, successfully triaging the company through the acquisition and integration process by Corden Pharma. While at Surface Logix and Insmed, he played an integral role in the discovery and development of five clinical-stage drug candidates, including the Rho kinase inhibitor belumosudil (Rezurock™) and TAK-607 (rIGF-1/BP-3). During his career, Dr. Campbell has been a co-inventor on more than 20 issued patents.

He holds a BS with Honors in Chemistry from St. Francis Xavier University, a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Queen’s University (Canada) and completed his post-doctoral research at Duke University.