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About Us


As the scientific leader in the biological role of the microbiome gut-brain axis and its impact on neurological conditions, Axial Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to advance a fundamentally different therapeutic approach for the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. We stand apart through our focus on the microbiome, harnessing our expertise to identify new drug targets in the gut and develop novel medical interventions that have significant potential for improving symptoms and treating underlying disease.



Our focus on the microbiome gut-brain axis is a transformational shift from traditional approaches to treating neurological conditions. By identifying bacteria and their products in the gut that are linked to the pathology, progression, and symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders, we are able to validate “druggable” therapeutic targets in the gut microbiome. Based on these new classes of targets, we focus on developing small molecule therapies with defined mechanisms of action that mitigate the impact of bacteria and their products. Our localized, gut-targeted small molecule approach represents an evolution in microbiome-inspired therapeutics for neurological conditions.


New Drug Targets. Inventive Therapies. Axial is blazing a new trail in the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders.

Novel Medical Solutions for Patients with Autism and Parkinson’s Disease

Axial’s world-class expertise in microbiome gut-brain biology combines with the robust capabilities of our discovery platform to provide the foundation for our current and future pipeline of small molecule drugs for neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders. Our lead programs are focused on the treatment of irritability in autism, and the slowing of disease progression in Parkinson’s disease. We are also leveraging our drug discovery platform to identify and validate druggable gut-resident targets for oncology indications.

Unique Expertise in Gut-Brain Biology, Small Molecule Development

Led by a capable management team that has extensive experience advancing small molecule therapies from discovery to commercialization, Axial is an industry leader in harnessing the gut-brain axis to treat disease and improve patients' lives.

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