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Our Science


The technical underpinning of Axial's unique gut-targeted therapeutic approach is a robust platform for the identification of new disease targets and the design and delivery of small molecule drugs for neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Axial’s scientific framework provides the platform and data for establishing the mechanistic role of the gut-brain axis in neurological disease pathology and its influence on disease symptoms, including behavior, motor function and even the gastrointestinal problems frequently found in people with neurological diseases and disorders.

Leveraging our platform, Axial establishes the role of the gut-brain axis in disease by: 
Utilizing human samples (plasma, stool) and proprietary in vivo models
Identifying new gut-brain axis targets that drive disease via “multi-omics” analysis
Validating targets in relevant disease models to demonstrate their necessity and sufficiency in driving symptoms and pathologies
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